14. any writing

You can make an appointment to discuss any piece of writing even if it isn’t school-related. Whether it’s a resume, personal statement, grad school application, blog post for a student organization, or a creative piece you’re working on during your free time, you can benefit greatly from talking it over with a fellow peer. If you’re working on an assignment for an advanced course, we could pair you up with a tutor who is experienced in that field.

13. all majors

All of our tutors are UIC students majoring in different fields. If you would like to work with a tutor from a particular major, you can narrow down your appointment search by clicking on the “limit to” feature at the top of the schedule page. Sometimes, however, it is helpful to work with someone who is not familiar with your area of expertise, so that you can get a different perspective on your writing.

12. a fresh perspective

At the Writing Center, we like to read writing out loud during our individual sessions. If you feel uncomfortable reading your work out loud, your fellow peer can take the lead. It’s often nice to hear your own words through someone else’s voice because it gives you a different take on your work.

11. best to make an appointment

We are appointment-based, so you need to register an account with us and make the appointment in advance. If you are unable to make an appointment, you are welcome to stop by as a drop-in, but, unfortunately, sessions aren’t guaranteed depending on tutor availability.

10. come to get started

Our individual appointments involve an ongoing discussion about writing at any stage of the writing process. If you’re having trouble beginning an assignment and would like to brainstorm ideas, you can talk to a peer to create a rough outline. You don’t need a finished draft to visit us.

9. we tutor online!

If you are unable to make the commute to campus, we also have tutors you can chat with online. We now have a phone feature, which allows you to speak to a tutor while simultaneously discussing your writing through a chat space.

8. bring a friend

If you and a friend are working on a similar writing task, one of you can book an appointment, and the both of you can attend the session together. Talking over the task as a group may help you generate more ideas.

7. come to write!

You are welcome to use any of our computers if you need a space to work. If you would like to hang around to work on any piece of writing, you could even bounce some ideas off of fellow peers and writers. We’re all open to offering suggestions! We also have a printer available for your use.

6. all welcome!

You don’t have to be a UIC student to make an appointment. Whaaat? That’s right. Whether you’re an alumni, a student of another college/university, or a human being in general, you are welcome to book an appointment if you want to engage in a collaborative discussion about any piece of writing.

5. take a handout

Check out this neatly organized bookshelf (thanks Kim) filled with writing resources. Here you can find grammar and citation handbooks and handouts, guides for writing for different disciplines and genres, as well as dictionary and style guides.

4. warm a meal

We have a microwave and a fridge in case you need a space to warm your meal or store your lunch.

3. real plants

All of our plants are very much alive. They are so well-taken care of that some people often confuse them for artificial ones. (We’re also in the process of naming them, so please offer your suggestions)

2. beyonce

One of our tutors thinks she’s Beyoncé. Some of us humor her, but you don’t have to.

1. couch!

We have one of the most comfortable couches on campus, although, I’ll admit this may be a biased statement. If you’re lucky, the center might not be too crowded, and you may even be able to squeeze in a nap between classes.