September 5, 2015

UIC Meets University of Santiago De Cali

Earlier in July, four of our tutors had the pleasure of meeting with Ana Trujillo, Director of the Writing Center at the University of Santiago De Cali (USC) in Cali, Valle, Colombia. It served as a powerful reminder as to how writing centers are slowly changing the world. Dr. Trujillo had a lot of information to offer, and we learned […]
May 4, 2014

In Translation, 2014

A magazine of language and identity Download the magazine here: In Translation 2014 (PDF) Table of Contents Cover Art by Tony Miyafuji Culture, Language and Rhetoric– Who Should be Responsible: The Reader or the Writer? by Mariana Carvalho Glass Jars  by Phoenix Chen No Speak English by Zorgie Sanchez Light Within by Samrin Samad Crossing the Other Side by […]