1Is the Writing Center for me?
The Writing Center is for everyone. Learning more about writing is one of the most important outcomes of a college education. You will be using writing to advance your career, further your education, and work productively with others. All students can benefit from talking to someone who will read their writing carefully and offer a helpful and respectful response.
2Can I work on personal statements and resumes?
Yes! We help with all types of writing – assignments for any of your courses, research projects, resumes, or personal statements for scholarships and jobs.
3What does it cost?
Tutoring is free.
4What can I expect when I come for tutoring?
Tutors will talk to you about the assignment you are working on. They will help you think about priorities. They will answer your questions, offer suggestions, and help you make changes that can improve your writing.
5Do tutors help to get started on an assignment?
Yes! Many students come to brainstorm, plan, or make outlines. You don’t need to bring any writing – just a willingness to participate in a conversation with a tutor.
6How can I make best use of the Writing Center?
It is best to work on writing in stages: talk to a tutor when you are getting started, again when you are developing your draft, and finally when you are adding finishing touches. Bring the instructor’s syllabus or assignment sheet, or, for scholarships, the essay question. Tutors will provide support and options for making changes. The tutoring session will provide you opportunities to make choices that work best for you and your assignment. Tutoring is a collaboration in which both you and the tutor participate.
7How do I make an appointment?
Use the online scheduler. When you use the online scheduler the first time, you will need to register and set up a password. Available tutors are designated by a white box. All sessions are 45 minutes. If you have any questions, call us at 312-413-2206. You are also welcome to drop in; we will gladly help you if tutors are available.
8Can I become a tutor?
Students who have completed their writing requirement are eligible. We have a diverse body of tutors from all majors. Tutors begin by taking English 222 or 482. After the course, tutors can apply for a paid staff position.