Resources for Tutors

The Writing Center's Handbook for Tutors

By Charitianne Williams, Kim O'Neil, Rita Sacay, & Vainis Aleksa

The goal of peer tutoring is to create helpful conversations about writing with fellow students. The tutor is a resource for questions and concerns about writing, of course. But what makes peer tutoring distinct from other educational methods is its emphasis on the tutor's responsibility to create "peerness" -- that is, respectful relationships with other students and opportunities for those students to participate in a conversation about their writing. These fundamental ideas – helping with writing, building working relationships with fellow students, and creating opportunities for writers to actively participate in their learning – are the ideas we use when we think about whether a session is successful...

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2008-2014 version of handbook

By Alex Wulff, Aneeka Henderson, Charitianne Williams, Lindsay Marshall, Lydia Saravia, & Vainis Aleksa

One of the most powerful means a tutor has in helping writers become members of the Writing Center community is using the idea that both tutor and writer have something to bring to the table. The tutor brings knowledge of writing center theory, the experience of talking to many other writers, interactions with instructors and a wide variety of their assignments, and the collaboration of other tutors and Writing Center instructors when additional resources are needed. The writer brings the assignment itself, his or her experience with the course materials, a unique perspective on what he or she is learning, the advice he or she has received from other tutors and teachers, and the hope that the tutor will be helpful...

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