Turkey Tom

Justin Thomas, senior in biological sciences, shares the story of how Turkey Tom came to grace the Writing Center with his presence just in time for Thanksgiving. Read more here:

“They call me the Ernest Hemingway of turkey writing.” -Justin Thomas

There is always that one in the flock; yes, the one who makes every turkey out there stop and stare. Now whether that stare is a stare of ridicule or joy may be subjective to the viewer. This turkey tends to think it is the best one around, and one you should definitely not have for your Thanksgiving meal this year. From the moment his body was traced out on dark blue construction paper, to the awe-inspiring designs he was so pleased to be decorated with, this turkey is certainly the first of his class hanging at the front desk of the Writing Center.

From first glance, you can tell right away how exquisite this turkey really is. You may think it was from another land, or possibly made on Mars. However, this turkey was constructed in UIC’s very own Writing Center. Along with his journey, Turkey Tom has brought with him a pumpkin spice latte, fitting for the autumn festivities. Turkey Tom also displays his orange nail polish, again, for the holiday season. Nonetheless, Turkey Tom’s most distinguishing feature by far has to be his tattoo.

Many people have asked, “Turkey Tom, what is the meaning behind your tattoo? And why is a part of it scribbled out?”

“Well”, Turkey Tom states, “my tattoo reminds the other turkeys to refuse to sink this holiday season and to not let them be used for Thanksgiving feasts this year. The scribble? Well, that’s why you don’t ask the shady pig on the farm to give you a tattoo in exchange for 12 straws of your hay.”

As depicted, Turkey Tom’s facial expression has never been a proud one since. The final noteworthy feature of Turkey Tom has to be his wedding ring. Yes, all you hens out there, Turkey Tom is currently married. However, for all those looking for joy this holiday season and to check out Turkey Tom, we highly encourage you to make your way to the UIC Writing Center! You can even get some of your writing done here as well, as it is a free resource for any student looking for a kind soul to look over their writing, whether it is for English, psychology, biology, personal statements, resumes, or anything at all. The tutors try their best to indulge you with their writing wisdom. But if you choose to stop by, don’t forget to pay Turkey Tom a visit.

Justin Thomas