Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean it has to be over. Thanks to our writers, who wished to remain anonymous, for submitting their two-sentence horror stories! Read at your own risk:



  1. Graduation. Student loans.
  2. The sentences finally began flowing freely out of her mind and into the word document. She stopped typing, but the words kept going.
  3. She stopped by her friend’s dorm to pick up her peer-reviewed essay only to find it bleeding the color red. It wasn’t ink.
  4. Out of breath, you run into the next building, but it too doesn’t work. The screen reads, “Clear Jam in Tray 2.”
  5. My writer said she wanted to work on grammar. Little did I know that Grammar was her pet rat, and she was a sadistic anatomy student.
  6. It’s a spine-chilling, dreadful, and overbearing monster we all have met. Its name is Writer’s Block!
  7. Dalton woke up every morning at 5 o’clock, wagging his tail at the thought of his breakfast. Today, however, he was still waiting at 7 o’clock, tugging at his owner’s cold, gray arm from the bed.
  8. He breathed his first breath. She breathed her last.
  9. “They WOULD make me do this on my first day on the job,” I thought, reluctantly pushing the crash cart to the morgue. As I turned to leave the room, that’s when I heard the unzippering.
  10. My roommate told me that the RA came by our room while I was in the shower. My RA told me that I don’t have a roommate.
  11. It’s one thing if a security guard at a museum tells you to do something, like step back. However, it’s something completely different when one of the artifacts does that…
  12. She knew they had taken something from her, but she couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was. She looked down to find a gaping hole in her chest.
  13. Janice offered to help an older woman cross the street. When she got a glimpse of her face, she saw herself.
  14. We programmed them to be kind and compassionate. They made sure our end was quick and painless.
  15. I tried to scream, but was only able to howl.
  16. “Don’t look into the mirror at night if you don’t want to see my face,” said the child in her dream. The sound of shattering glass bolted her back to consciousness.
  17. She felt cold, and she thought that’s what woke her. What really awakened her was the breeze from the open window the old woman forgot to close when she climbed in.