Rebecca Reynoso, senior in English, has been tutoring at the Writing Center since 2013. In addition to her involvement at the WC, she enjoys writing poetry, watching the Blackhawks, and singing in choirs. She has sung in the University Choir, the Chamber Choir, and the Women’s Choral Ensemble at UIC. Rebecca has enjoyed building lasting relationships with peers at the WC. Read about her experience with the Writing Partners Program here:

At the Writing Center, one of our lesser known programs is called the Writing Partners Program (WPP). The WPP is a program offered to English Language Learning students, centered on building an ongoing partnership between a tutor and a writer throughout the course of a semester. In my experience as a tutor, I have had the privilege of working with two wonderful writing partners, one of whom I built a long-standing friendship with outside of the Writing Center.

In the fall of 2014, I had my first writing partner. At the beginning of our partnership, Xuan, an international graduate student from China, was curious of what the WPP would provide to her. Our first session together went off without a hitch. We connected instantly, and through our shared love of language and writing, we became fast friends. We worked on a variety of writing, speaking, and reading activities; for example, she would regularly bring practice TOEFL essays and her public administration assignments to work on together. What I found most unique about this partnership was the fact that Xuan also brought her notebook every week for us to fill in with vocabulary, homophonic words, idioms, colloquialisms, and any other English words or phrases she did not know, but cared to learn and remember.

Xuan wanted to continue to practice English and learn more about American culture. I was eager to help, so we met more often to discuss her work, practice vocabulary, and imagine assignments we might work on in the future. This level of involvement in each other’s lives helped bring us closer to one another, both personally and professionally. The semester was coming to a close, which meant our partnership was ending. Since we had grown so close over the course of the previous 15 weeks, we decided that though the semester was ending, our friendship did not have to. Xuan and I continued to work together in the Writing Center during the 2015 spring semester, no longer as writing partners – but as friends.

I believe the Writing Partners Program is one of the most eye-opening, peer-based programs at the Writing Center. Without it, I would not have had the honor of meeting such an intelligent, lively spirit. It is my hope that the Writing Partners Program grows to become a widely recognized resource for the UIC community. 

Rebecca Reynoso