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You can make an online appointment in two ways:

Synchronously: We can meet online for a live chat, phone, or video conversation. We can brainstorm, develop ideas, or discuss questions about the assignment. If you choose synchronous, log back in before the start of your appointment, open the appointment, and “Join Online Session.” We’ll be ready to help!

Asynchronously: You can attach up to 4 double-spaced pages of your draft and I will send a response within 48 hours (usually sooner.) I will describe 2-3 things that I think are most successful and offer suggestions for 2-3 areas that could be improved. This option is good when you need a little feedback that can help you continue working on a draft. For additional feedback, we encourage you to meet with a tutor for a live synchronous conversation.

To make a new appointment, go to, login, and click on an available white square.

To start your live synchronous appointment:

  • Log in to
  • Click your session (it will appear red)
  • There you will see a Zoom-like space (shown right).
  • Your tutor will be waiting in the chat space with a greeting.
  • Your chat and annotations will be saved for the rest of the semester–just follow the steps above to see a past session.

If you need help, write an email to or call 312-300-6796 (our new off site phone number) during tutoring hours, and our desk staff will respond.

See our FAQs about Online Tutoring if you have other questions!

Get Online Individual Support for Your Writing

ANY WRITING: We’ll work with you on research, personal statements, lab reports, memos, class assignments, applications, or whatever you have.

ANY STAGE: Bring a draft or no writing at all and we’ll help you get started.

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT: Reserve a tutor ahead to work with you online for 60 minutes. Tutors can work with by chat, audio, telephone, or video. You can make up to 3 appointment per week.



Testimonial feedback from a Writing Center user:

“This was an amazing experience as someone who came here for the first time. My tutor was very down-to-earth and gave me much better feedback than my professor and classmates. I feel more confident on finishing up my paper after our session here than weeks of class. 10/10 will come back if I have another paper.”

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