Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct:

  • Tutoring conversations are respectful: tutoring is a partnership in which both you and the tutor participate.
  • Tutors help, advise, explain, and provide resources. But they cannot make changes in your writing without your input. Responsibility for your assignments remains with you.
  • Tutors may not share their individual contact information with students. Students cannot contact tutors outside their tutoring hours to request additional tutoring.
  • Internet connections sometimes require that the tutor work by chat rather than by audio or video. If your only option is audio or video, contact wconlinehelp@gmail.com, and we will be glad to reschedule.
  • Tutors have other appointments after their appointment with you. They cannot work beyond their 50 minutes.
  • Tutors share tips about reading and research, but reading entire articles or conducting extensive research is not possible in a 50-minute session.
  • Each course has writing requirements that are unique.  Tutors will ask for your input about those requirements and work together with you to take a step forward with your writing.
  • Tutors help with the writing portion of assignments. For questions about content, we can help you find other support offered at UIC. Contact us: wconlinehelp@gmail.com.
  • If you cannot come to a session, you need to cancel in advance.
  • Tutors can help only with writing that is yours.
  • Tutors and students follow UIC safety regulations for wearing masks and social distancing.

Tutoring is a privilege maintained by both Tutors and Students. If Students or Tutors cannot agree to the Code of Conduct, their use of the Writing Center can be withdrawn.