Our Code of Conduct

Tutoring is a partnership in which both you and tutor participate respectfully.

Our Code of Conduct:

  • Because tutors work from home with various internet capacity, they might be able to use chat only. Tutors cannot be required to use audio or video. Students who need audio or video can contact the Director, vainis@uic.edu.
  • Tutors cannot share their individual contact information. Students cannot contact tutors by email or phone outside of tutors’ scheduled tutoring hours or request tutors to share their contact.
  • After their 50-minute appointments, tutors have other appointments. Students cannot request tutors to work beyond their 50 minutes.
  • Tutors help with the writing portion of assignments. Tutors work together with students to review the content area of courses. Tutors cannot be expected to have extensive content knowledge or help with assignments that are not writing. (But we can help students seek other resources on campus).
  • Tutors cannot be expected to do work beyond the scope of what is possible in a 50-minute session (for example, conduct extensive research or read entire articles).
  • Students cannot ask tutors to work on writing that is not theirs.
  • Responsibility for assignments remains with students. Tutors cannot do assignments for students.

Tutoring is a privilege maintained by both Tutors and Writers. If students cannot agree to the Code of Conduct, their use of the Writing Center can be withdrawn.